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Welcome to Labin!

When you first find yourself in a new and unfamiliar place, parking can be a mystery. But don't worry, here you can find all the information about parking in Labin!

Labin 2000 is a company that takes care of parking lots in Labin and Rabac, and below we bring you a list of places where you can safely leave your car.

Where to park in Labin and Rabac?

Labin 2000 has the following parking lots within its jurisdiction: in Labin, it is the Titov trg (Tito’s square) parking lot, the Old Town parking lot and the Trg labinskih rudara (Labin Miners' Square) parking lot.

In Rabac, we manage the parking lot on Obala Maršala Tito (Maršal Tito coast), the parking lot in Ulica slobode, the Prohaska parking lot and the Girandella parking lot.

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How to pay for parking?

The simplest and oldest way of paying is with euro coins in parking meters, but we all know that in today's digital world we need more innovative solutions.

The most convenient way could be through the ParkWallet Premium application, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store for IOS users or Google Play for Android. We have also prepared QR codes on many signs to make it even easier for you to download the application.

Park Wallet Premium

Download the ParkWallet Premium mobile application!

Download the ParkWallet mobile application!

Lastly, you can also pay for your parking by SMS, but this will be possible only for users of Croatian mobile providers.

What are the best parking options?

If you plan to stay for a longer time, the most convenient would be a daily ticket. If you plan to swim and sunbathe all day carefree without worrying about the costs, the daily ticket gives you the most freedom. All parking lots, except for the parking lot at Trg Labinskih rudara (Labin Miners' Square), offer the option of purchasing a daily ticket. The parking lot at Trg Labinskih rudara is the only one that offers the option of buying a 30-minute ticket though - that should be enough to buy groceries at the Labin city market!

Find all information about the ticket prices, as well as details about different parking ticket options by selecting a specific parking location on our interactive map.

Is there a period of the year when parking is cheaper?

Most parking lots have a summer and winter parking fee period. You can check the exact tarifs with the associated ticket prices on our interactive map.

I need parking for a way longer period. What are my options?

Some parking lots offer the option of buying monthly, seasonal or annual tickets. In Labin, the Old town parking lot offers the possibility of purchasing a monthly, seasonal (until September 30 of the current year) and annual ticket.

In Rabac, all parking lots within the jurisdiction of Labin 2000 also offer these options. You can find out more details by clicking on the interactive map.

I want to park my camper - vehicle. What to do?

You can park your vehicle in any parking lot if there is enough space for safe parking. Parking prices are the same as for cars. However, there is one difference - the maximum duration of parking time is 12 hours, otherwise you are at risk for a fine from the municipal police.

Are there free parking options in Labin?

Yes, there are! If you come to explore the Old town, parking near the City Cemetery is the best option. Even though it is further away from the Main Square parking and the Parking in the Old Town, it provides enough parking space even during the biggest rush hour. There is a walkway that leads to the Old Town Square where you can enjoy a wonderful view of our old town. For those who are not so much in shape, they will be happy to know that in the summer months, there is an electric shuttle running from the parking lot to the Old Town Square

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For those who are not in such good shape, they will be pleased to know that during the summer months, there is a free electric shuttle that runs from the parking lot to the historic city square.

I still have some questions, where can I find more answers?

If you have already looked at our interactive map, and did not find all the answers you were looking for, you can write to us at

Enjoy Labin and its surroundings!